UV Gel Nail Products Top / Base Gel - Starlite / Kapping

Code Description Size
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SL01Base/Top Gel with Calcuim - Clear (Starlite/Kapping* Gel)28 g
SL01-GBase/Top Gel with Calcuim - Clear (Starlite/Kapping* Gel)3785 ml (US Gallon)
SL02Top Gel - French White (Starlite* Gel)28 g
SL02-GTop Gel - French White (Starlite* Gel)3785 ml (US Gallon)
SL03Top Gel - French Pink (Starlite* Gel)28 g
SL03-GTop Gel - French Pink (Starlite* Gel)3785 ml (US Gallon)

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