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About Scotia Beauty

Scotia Beauty is a part of Sandaig Ltd, a British company, specialising in private label and white label nail products for professional nail and beauty brands in the UK, Europe and worldwide. Established in 2010 as a small family business in the Highlands of Scotland, Scotia Beauty is now located in the Heart of England and has become one of the leading suppliers in this niche market.

Scotia Beauty works only with renowned and trusted manufacturers in the UK, Europe and the USA. This allows us to be able to offer a comprehensive range of quality nail products at affordable prices with low minimum order quantities so that our customers can create their own complete nail brands suited to their specific requirements and budgets. Neither Scotia Beauty nor any of our manufacturers and suppliers test products on animals; all of our nail products are cruelty-free.

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Scotia Beauty offers the following 10 benefits:

At Scotia Beauty we are flexible and determined to meet the unique needs and demands of your nail brand and business.

Scotia Beauty Sustainability Commitment

At Scotia Beauty we are constantly striving to work as sustainably as possible, so that our business and products do not negatively impact the environment.

Over 50% of the power for the company office, production area and warehouse buildings is generated by renewable energy. We have a wind turbine, solar panels and batteries all on site.

Our glass, HDPE, PET and PP bottles and jars are fully recyclable (please ask us or contact your local authority for more recycling information). Within the company we recycle or re-use any packaging or other material whenever and wherever possible and minimise vehicle usage as our directors and employees either work from home or live very locally.

Scotia Beauty Modern Slavery Statement

We recognise that modern slavery is still very much an issue globally and within the United Kingdom, where it has frequently been linked with nail bars and salons.

We would like to assure our customers that Scotia Beauty is fully committed to playing its part in helping to tackle and ideally to eradicate any kind of modern slavery, particularly within the nail industry.

We only supply qualified and certified nail professionals or registered companies, with whom we work on both a professional but also a personal level, so we learn exactly who we are dealing with and how they run their businesses.

As for our UK, European and USA based supply chain, we have been working closely with our manufacturers for many years, so we can be confident in their high level of employment standards and principled work ethics.

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