T3 Fibergel - Colour UV Original Gel Nail Products

UV T3 Coloured Fibergel

  • Bright Pink - FG06 Bright Pink FG06
  • Fuchsia - FG07 Fuchsia FG07
  • Red - FG08 Red FG08
  • Plum - FG09 Plum FG09
Code Description Size
FG06T3* Colour Fibergel - Bright Pink28 g
FG06-GT3* Colour Fibergel - Bright Pink3785 ml (US Gallon)
FG07T3* Colour Fibergel - Fuchsia28 g
FG07-GT3* Colour Fibergel - Fuchsia3785 ml (US Gallon)
FG08T3* Colour Fibergel - Red28 g
FG08-GT3* Colour Fibergel - Red3785 ml (US Gallon)
FG09T3* Colour Fibergel - Plum28 g
FG09-GT3* Colour Fibergel - Plum3785 ml (US Gallon)
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Please Note: Colours viewed on screen or printed may differ slightly from actual product colours depending on type of screen and/or printer used. The chart above is meant as a colour guide only as we cannot guarantee a 100% reliable reproduction of the actual product colours here.

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