Scotia Beauty - Private Label Nail Products


During this difficult time with the unprecedented situation and threat of COVID-19, we at Scotia Beauty are currently able to remain safely open for business and we will continue to service all our customers and their requirements in whatever way we can for as long as we can.

We have plenty of product stock and orders can still be processed, dispatched and delivered to most destinations, if transport and delivery services are still in operation in your location, but delays and longer transit times for deliveries are to be expected.

We thank you for your continued business and your understanding under these challenging circumstances and look forward to supporting you in any way possible during this time and in the future.

Please contact us directly with any questions or to check if delivery services are still available to your address as the situation is changing all the time.

We do still have limited stock of hygiene and sanitisation products available now, so please contact us, if these may be of interest and help to you and your customers.


We at Scotia Beauty are open to business with all customers throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide and we will continue to be - regardless of the exact outcome of Brexit.

We will keep any changes to our services and prices to an absolute minimum - if any are required at all due to future changes in the law.

All products supplied by Scotia Beauty will continue to adhere to both EU and UK cosmetic safety regulations.

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